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Corby's Orbit
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Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Alphabot Engages Conversational Interface With Orbital Humanity

Jake Roels, aka Alphabot, will be bringing his badass robotics and corrugated persona into the Orbital ecosphere this Friday at 5:30 in support of his latest pan-androidal regatta of talent,  hovering for several days  around the Queen / Dufferin cultural matrix in August for Summerworks ~ (see poster). Come on up to listen and program his program into your database.

Thursday, July 13, 2017

Corby's Orbit : Best Served Chilled

I will be decommissioned for the next two weeks as July takes over my metabolism. There is a Tall Ships event in the Old Port of Quebec City and Levis>>>>>>>> where I will be offering up mallets aforethought July 19-23 for those wishing to beat the Conundrum .

 The Orbit will be cycling back for the last show of the month, on 28 July, when  my estimable Canadian music fan and friend Paul Cullen will be offering up some considerable tunes to close off the month of Great Canadian Songs.

Saturday, July 8, 2017

Playlist For Show Of 7 July

Commissioner of Selection: Paul Corby 

(Brought to you by Circuses Intense, Carnivorous Carnivals, and Festivaled Interests )

Guests: Kit Johnson, Adrian "Sherriff" Miller and Iman of The Wasted La La's

5 -7 p.m. Fridays online and at .  
Canadians in Asterisk’d RED. 

5:00 Lively Suspects

* The Harpoonist & The Axe Murderer ~ Get Ready ~ Apocalypstick ~@ Harbourfront Saturday 

* Alex Cuba ~ El Dia De Hoy ~ La Unico Constante ~ @ Harbourfront Saturday

* Whitehorse ~ Die Alone ~ Panther In The Dollhouse NEW DISK ~ CD release @ Revival Tuesday 11 July

DJ Shadow ~ Six Days ~ The Private Press ~ @ Danforth Music Hall tonight

5:20 Re-In-Canadiazation

Meiway ~ Assez ~ Drop The Debt ~ Afrofest @ Woodbine Park Saturday and Sunday

The Cash Box Kings ~ Build The Wall ~ Royal Mint (Alligator) NEW DISK

* Glenn McFarlane ~ Newfoundland 9-1-1 ~ Time To Kill NEW DISK

* Lennie Gallant ~ Which Way Does The River Run ~ The Open Window

Interview with Kit Johnson ~ Canada 150 Top 17 Canadian Songs

* Kate & Anna McGarrigle ~ Complainte Pour Ste-Catherine ~ Tell My Sister

5:45 Jubi-Lattes

* K.C. Roberts & The Live Revolution ~ What I Try To Remember ~ @ Lee's Palace Saturday & @ First Canadian Place Thursday 13 July, 12:15 p.m.

* Iman & The Wasted La La's ~ Brown-Skinned Girls ~ Home Is Where My Feet Are NEW DISK @ The Supermarket Saturday

* Drumhand ~ Belle Du Nord ~ Contretemps ~ @ Toronto Botanical Garden Thursday 7 p.m.

Mountain ~ The Animal Trainer And The Toad ~ Nantucket Sleighride ~ Corky Laing @ The Garrison Saturday

6:15 No Borders: Just Edges

* Tanika Charles ~ More Than A Man ~ Soul Run ~ @ Harbourfront tonight 

Geri Allen  (June 12, 1957 – June 27, 2017) ~ Batista's Groove ~ The Nurturer 

* Adrian Miller ~ Mother Earth / Interview / Rockerz Music ~ Mother Earth NEW DISK ~ CD release @ Rivoli Friday14 July

King Tubby ~ Bag A Wire (Avatars Of Dub Remix) ~ Blood & Fire Select Cuts

6:45 Iman Beings

* Iman And The Wasted La La's ~ Want From Me / Interview with Iman / The Start ~ Home Is Where My Feet Are NEW DISK @ The Supermarket Saturday

* Michael Shand ~ Kum ~ Patience For Life / Toronto Music Listings

* Peter Katz ~ We Won't Mind ~ We Are The Reckoning ~ @ Roy Thompson Hall patio Thursday 13 July 4:30

Thursday, July 6, 2017

Friday's Spatial Guests - and MORE CANADIAN MUSIC!!!

 As a chronic bass rocker, Kit Johnson has for decades been a sturdy plinth for many of Canada's most towering musical talents

Having provided low end security  for Murray McLaughlin, Kate & Anna McGarrigle, David Wilcox, Lynn Miles, and perhaps a couple of hundred others, Kit has an inner track on what goes into the making of a good song.

He will be calling in from Calgary with some responses to my quest for our Top 17 Songs. We'll chat and listen to a couple of his favourites around 5:30. 

Listen for him soon with Wilcox at the Wild Mountain Festival in Alberta, and as bass man for the house band at the 2017 Edmonton Folk Festival with Amos Garrett (for his 32nd consecutive year).

It's been awhile since Scar-bro indie soul aggregate Iman & The Wasted La-La's let loose, but they are on the rise once again with a show at The Supermarket this Saturday, an EP release concert for "...Don't Tell Iman"

Iman will join me in Orbit at 6:00 to preview her new sounds.

 Adrian "Sherriff" Miller is at the very root of Toronto reggae history. As a founding member and riotous lead vocalist for Earth Roots and Water and 20th Century Rebels, and then as a solo artist on 1985's Empty Promises and 2010's Rude Boy On The Bus, his tenacity and talent have brought him to his most accomplished release yet: Mother Earth

Powered by a wide variety of styles, Adrian's vocal velocity and thinking man's lyrics on this record will help propel the entire genre of Canadian reggae into the 21st century. It will be unleashed fully at a special concert, with his new band and Toronto's The Memberz next Friday at the Rivoli. He'll be beaming into the Orbit with fire and focus at 6:30.

Listen up to Corby's Orbit, Fridays from 5 til 7, on Radio Regent, in the heart of Toronto, for the best in Canadian music.

Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Kingston All Stars on Canada Day


Celebrating Canada Day-Yard Style- at Nathan Phillips Square in Toronto, here is a live performance by Kingston All Stars, filmed by Annalee Orr, supreme reggae fan. On drums, master musician Sly Dunbar with Jah T on bass, Mikey Chung and Hux Brown and Ansel Collins on keys. 

Also on the bill were Carol Brown and the legendary Stranger Cole and Noel Ellis.

Sunday, July 2, 2017

Saturday, July 1, 2017

Canada 150 Playlist ~ Our 17 Greatest Songs ~ And Then Some

Commissioner of Selection: Paul Corby 

(Brought to you by Rejoice Juice,  Exuberant Jubilations and Deep Light )

Guests: Invisible Ancestors, Abstract Exemplars, and Total Exemptions From The Rule

5 -7 p.m. Fridays online and at .  
Canadians in Asterisk’d RED. 

5:00  Highrise Up 

* Alanis Morissette ~ Thank U ~ Supposed Former Infatuation Junkie 

* Poor Angus ~ Stan Rogers` Barrett's Privateers ~ Gathering 

* Gordon Lightfoot ~ Black Day In July ~ Did She Mention My Name ?

* Young Artists For Haiti ~ K'Naan's Waving Flag ~ 2011 Juno Awards

5:20 Spectral Ed

* The Weakerthans ~ Pamphleteer ~ Left & Leaving

* The Band ~ Acadian Driftwood ~ Northern Lights, Southern Cross

* Adrian Miller ~ City Of Paradise ~ Mother Earth NEW DISK ~ @ Rivoli Friday 14 July

* Eyal Golan ~ O Canada ~ O Canada Rocks!

5:40  Star-Strewn Space

* David Clayton Thomas & The Bossmen ~ Brainwashed ~ Made In Canada

* Neil Young with Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young ~ Ohio ~ Decade

* Shirley Matthews ~ Big Town Boy ~ Special Dedication to Gary Topp

* The Rankin Family ~ Rise Again ~ Collection

* Bruce Cockburn ~ Mystery ~ Life Short Call Now 

* Lynn Miles ~ The Coldest Winter In The History Of The World /  High Heels In The Snow ~ Winter

* John Stetch ~ Jazz O Canada 

6:00 Deity Dancing 

* Alessia Cara ~ Wild Things ~ Nu-Kid Remix 

* Buffy Ste-Marie ~ Leonard Cohen`s God Is Alive Magic Is Afoot ~ Illuminations ~ @ Nathan Phillips Square  tonight

* Ron Sexsmith ~ God Loves Everyone ~ Cobblestone Runway ~ @  Nathan Phillips Square Saturday

6:20 Joe De Vivre

* The Guess Who ~ Share The Land ~ Running Back Thru Canada

* Joshua Seller ~ O Canada O Canada Rocks!

* Fortunate Ones ~ Wherever You Go ~ The Bliss

* Geoff Berner ~ The True Enemy ~ Whiskey Rabbi

* Joni Mitchell ~ Shine ~ Shine 

6:40 Canadiana Wants Me

* Woodlands ~ Under Attack (Remix) ~ I Wasn`t Made For Fighting EP 
                                                                  with Toronto Music Listings

* Ron Hynes ~  A Good Dog Is Lost ~ Get Back Change 
(prod. by Paul Mills Order of Canada 2017)

* Isis Geraldo ~ Small & Perfect
                                                                      Illustration by Akzhan Abdalieva
Here are the blog links to the individual tunes selected for the 17 best Canadian songs

Thursday, June 29, 2017

A Good Dog Is Lost ~ Canada`s 150th Birthday ~ Our 17 Greatest Songs ~ Fifteenth Post

"A Time" - Statue of Ron Hynes by Morgan MacDonald on George Street, St. John's

I came to Ron Hynes ten years ago, very late in his career, long after the magnificent cheerfulness of The Wonderful Grand Band and Codco had been retired to DVD, after Sonny`s Dream had won him a national ear, and near the end of his output of immaculate solo albums, full of original songs which were by turns comic, literate, sentimental and hard-nosed. Sometimes all at once. 

I was booked to interview him after seeing his bio-documentary Man Of A Thousand Songs. In it, perhaps a bit too courageously, he unveiled himself as a raging but wistful abuser of all forms of humans and substances. I was terrified by the man I saw. I was meant to talk to him over the phone from Newfoundland, but he seemed totally disinterested in having a conversation that day, and not much was communicated. In later encounters he was much more hospitable, though still full of barbs and blades. 

I didn`t actually get to see him play til five years after, in a small Toronto club. I had by then found a few of his disks, but I had never heard A Good Dog Is Lost. It still stings my heart and stirs something I can`t even name when he says:

``Well I can, I can hardly believe,

That a picture of a puppy drawn with a crayon
Would get to a guy like me.``

Ron Hynes' daughter Lily was going on four when events led up to the creation of this ballad about a shih-tzu belonging to Cathy Jones, of CODCO and This Hour Has 22 Minutes who at the time lived just down the road from the Hynes home in St John's. Lily drew a poster to hang in the nearby store and Ron wrote this ballad. Ron has the love of a father in the tone of his singing, and this may have something to do with the overall effect of the recording, on Get Back Change (2003).

The artistry of the song, the stammering emotion, the characterizations, the puppy P.O.V. and...and...what he does at the end (no spoilers here) combine to set this song even a notch beyond his usual standard of concise excellence. When his ragged recent biography, the dirty posthumous footnotes, the monster from Man Of A Thousand Songs, maybe even Sonny`s Dream - God Forbid - have retired to the sidelines, anyone who chances upon this song will sigh, sob and say ``This man must have truly been a monarch of song.`

Rebecca Campbell contributed a live version of the song to one of my shows and we both held on for dear life that she could get through it dry-eyed. Here it is, so beautiful.


A June Of Tunes: The Toronto Culture Is Hot Like A Shot

Baque De Bamba, Broken Dance, Drum Fest, Winter Garden Orchestra and NXNE. All melter, no swelter.
The summer high places are already filling up with dancers and drums, so while the sun and the skeeters are withholding their sting, I've been venturing out into the musical thick of things.
Above: Aline Morales and Baque De Bam  
and Below: Broken Dance at East York Cultural Hotspot Launch 

Okavango with Donne Roberts and Tich Maredza at Koerner Hall's 2018 Season Launch on the left and Muhtadi Drum Fest bringing the thunder on the right. Below, at the drum fest, Dave Hynes' Conundrum had the actual fundamentals of the day vibrating to epic pulse jams.

 The Winter Garden Orchestra excels in time travel, taking their audience back a hundred years or so.
Settings range from gay Paree to ragingly dark Berlin sturm und tango.
The Berkeley Bicycle Club's Monday night jazz scenario fit their style to a modern model "T".
 And , yes. There WAS Charleston.

A panel of authorities illuminated from from the inside the vectors that make Toronto music rotate and spiral. At The Great Hall's Futureland Business Or Pleasure symposium, host Sacha Miller attempted to discover from CBC's Raina Douris, Monique Barbieri and Weaves' Jasmyn Burke what is the deal with making money in music? The answer seems to be proceed step-by-step to the goal(s).

And at NXNE's bugless breezy brilliant Port Lands performance area Saturday, all honk was breaking loose with rocking appetizers Son Little, (below)

MUNA (left) and Bleachers...

followed by arch DJ's Tinie Tempah and Kaytranada.
All big music. video

And summer only just started!