Corby's Orbit

Corby's Orbit
Listening in All the High Places illustration by John Kricfalusi

Saturday, October 22, 2016

Playlist For Show Of 21 October

                                                                                                      Illustration by Hunt Emerson
Commissioner of Selection: Paul Corby

( Brought To You by Flight Emulators, Cirrus Breaches and The Willing Suspension Of Misbelief )

5-7 p.m. Fridays online and at .  

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Canadians in Asterisk’d RED. 

5:00 Creator Vibrator

The Creative Sounds Of The Organization ~ Smokey Feeling ~ The Kings Of Diggin Selected By Kon & Amir

* Royal Canoe ~ Holidays ~ Something Got Lost Between Here And The Orbit NEW DISK~ Lee's Palace Thursday 27 October

* Louis Simao ~ Confluenza ~ A Luz  NEW DISK ~ CD Release @ Burdock November 9

Marisa ~  Padoce De Ceu Azul ~ Mundo ~ @ Roy Thompson Hall Monday 24 October

5:20 Winters Of The Noble Price

* T.C. Folkpunk ~ A Night Off The Town ~ Hearsay Is 20/20 Pre Release ~ @ The Dylan Bar Saturday 2:00 - 5:00 p.m.

* The James Clark Institute ~ Company Hearse ~ Yesterday's Misadventures NEW DISK  ~ CD Release @ The Cameron Saturday

Donovan ~ Museum / Hampstead Incident ~ Mellow Yellow ~ @ Danforth Music Hall tonight

* Adam Solomon ~ I See Sadness In Your Eyes (New Mix) ~ @ The Paintbox Tuesday 1 November 6:00 p.m. for Radio Regent Fund Raiser

5:40 Perennial Loneliness

* Tim Moxam ~ Honey From The Hive ~ Soft Summer NEW DISK 

* Harrow Fair ~ I Will Be Your Man ~ Call To Arms NEW DISK ~ CD Release @ The Dakota Tuesday 25 October

* Donovan Woods ~ Drove Through Town ~ They Are Going Away EP NEW DISK  @ Trinity St.-Paul's Friday 28 October

* Al Tuck ~ Stop Hittin' On Louise ~ Fair Country ~ @ Dora Keogh Wednesday 26 October

*  Ariana Brophy ~ Did You Ever Love Me (Not) ~ Sweet Things NEW DISK

Marlon Williams ~ Hello Miss Lonesome ~ Marlon Williams  

6:00 Tuned To Starlight 

Dizzy Gillespie (October 21, 1917 – January 6, 1993) feat. Lalo Schifrin ~ The Legend Of Atlantis ~ The New Continent (1962)

* The Jessica Stuart Few ~ Breathing From The Belly ~ The Passage NEW DISK ~ CD Release @ Supermarket Thursday 27 October

* Andrew Collins ~ And It Was Good ~ And It Was Good NEW DISK ~ CD Release tonight @ Hugh's Room

* John MacMurchy`s The Art Of Breath ~ Phalanx ~ Volume One NEW DISK ~ CD Release Jazz Bistro tonight

* Debbie Fleming ~ Anyone Who Had A Heart ~ Back To Bacharach NEW DISK

* Metalwood ~ Rooftops ~ Twenty NEW DISK

6:40 Singed Songs 

The Chambers Brothers ~ Peace Love & Happiness  ~ Goin`Uptown

* Nancy Walker  ~ Hot Tub  ~ Levitation  / Toronto Music Listings

* Harpdog Brown  ~  Moose On The Loose  ~  Travellin`With The Blues NEW DISK

* Big Dave McLean  ~  Where The Music Comes From  ~ Better The Devil You Know NEW DISK

Beatles '66 and all that with Mark Lewisohn
Sat Oct 22, 2016
2:00 p.m. - 4:00 p.m.
120 mins
Mark Lewisohn goes deep in his chronicling of the Beatles with Tune In, part one of his three-volume history, The Beatles: All These Years. Join Lewisohn for his only North American appearance of 2016, in conversation with Piers Hemmingsen, author, The Beatles in Canada: The Origins of Beatlemania, for a look at the Beatles' transformative year, 1966.

Presented by Toronto Public Library and the City of Toronto Museums & Heritage Services' BEATLES 50 T.O. program.

Please note that this event is held in the Atrium of Toronto Reference Library and no tickets are required. 

Thursday, October 13, 2016

Autumnal Matrimonial Considerations

 No new show this week. 
Please excuse me while I do the FOTB dance at the Wedding of Emma and Alex, of whom we are all very proud and exultant. 
Let the wedding albums unfurl.

Saturday, October 8, 2016

Playlist For Show Of 7 October

Commissioner of Selection: Paul Corby

( Brought To You by You Just Missed Being Correct, Wingsuit Events and Heavy Lifting)

5-7 p.m. Fridays online and at .  

Podcast here

Guests: Piper Hayes and Andrew Collins

Show Dedicated To The Memory Of Ovid Reid. Truths & Rights. And Justice For All.

Canadians in Asterisk’d RED. 

5:00 Actuations

* Simone Denny ~ Just Like Lightning ~ The The Stereo Dynamite Sessions Vol. 1~ @ the R.O.M. tonight for Thanks Canada

Marcia Griffiths ~ Survival ~ Treasure Isle Meets Tip Top

* Piper Hayes ~ Honey / Interview / Lovin' You (live) / You're Gone (live) ~ Goodbye Mister Nice Guy New Disk @ Touche Martini Bar Saturday 15 October

5:30 Chalking Acoustic 

* Joanne Crabtree ~ Across The Borderline ~ Flight Of Fancy ~ @ Hirut Ethiopian Cuisine Saturday & @ Tranzac Sunday

* Les Finnigan ~ Double Crush ~ Out In The Wild New Disk

5:40 Collins' Cosmogeny

* Andrew Collins Trio ~ Stars, Sun & Moon / Interview / Everything That Creeps ~ And It Was Good New Disk ~ CD Release @ Hugh's Room Friday 21 October CFMA Nominee 2016

* Bombadils ~ Mint Condition ~ New Shoes New Disk ~ @ The Cameron tonight

6:00 Ovid Metamorphoses

* Julian Taylor ~ Coke Bottle Candy ~ Desert Star New Disk@ Lee's Palace tonight with Freeman Dre & Ann Vriend

The Mothers Of Invention feat. Don Preston ~ Cheap Thrills ~ Cheap Thrills (1998) ~ @ 

* Kaytranada ~ Forever Lasting Night ~ Whatever Mixtape New Disk

* Odel ~ Songbirds ~ Redemption ~@ Lula Lounge Sunday

* Snowblink ~ Torn To Light ~ Returning Current New Disk ~ @ Burdock Saturday & Sunday

Les and Larry Elgart ~ So Rare ~ Best Of The Big Bands

* James Brown ~ Three Bags Full ~ Sevendaze 

Lowell Fulson ~ Blue Shadows ~ Chess Blues Box 

Tim Bradford ~ Mixed Up In Big Money Blues ~ Drinking Alone 

Blackalicious ~ Deception ~ NIA ~ @ Lee's Palace Thursday 13 October

Tony Toni Tone ~ Dance Hall ~ Sons Of Soul 

The Creaking Tree String Quartet ~ Spacehead ~ The Soundtrack / Toronto Music Listings

Cassandra Wilson ~ Right Here Right Now ~ Travelling Miles

Friday, October 7, 2016

Piper Hayes And Andrew Collins Lighter Than Air Today On Corby's Orbit

Piper Hayes previews her new romance trilogy EP 

Goodbye Mister Nice Guy live at 5:15.

Andrew Collins talks about And It Was Good, his new creation about Creation (and  2016 Canadian Folk Music Award Nominee (Instrumental Group of the Year)
Above, at the center of his trio (and the Universe) he will have a chance to explain his cosmogeny at 5:40, along with with airing some exciting new tracks.

Thursday, October 6, 2016

Outstanding Astoundments: A September To Remember

David Crosby at Danforth Music Hall. Pipes intact and songs still strong and urgent.

Ruben Beny Esguerra at Lula Lounge with Adam Solomon on guitar. Multimedia intro with a promenade of Colombian dancers, kuisi solos, First Nations, ecological and social justice issues front and center in song and theme. The global hip hop culture show of the year.

Sienna Dahlen brings new release Ice Age Paradise to the Alliance Francais intact, with masterful accompanists Harley Card, Nick Fraser and Andrew Downing (behind music stand).

Marlon Williams and Julia Jacklin brought fresh gusts of fine tunes to T.U.R.F. from New Zealand, half a globe away.
Most inspiring music I heard at TURF was made by Sunday openers The Belle Game (below) from Vancouver, with razorblade vocals, perpendicular electronic effects and a direct transfer of charged emo current for the audience.

Francois Houle, Kenton Loewen Gord Grdina broke all the rules at Burdock in a swing debate that defeated the restrictions of the space/time continuum.

Jim Kweskin brought his accomplished fingerstyle playing, warm, avuncular vocals and a repertoire of impeccable class and charm to Hugh's Room. Empathetic backing from CFMA nom Lotus Wight and The Everlovin' Jug Band made the evening just glimmer.

Oct-elligent Choices. Autumn Goes Live In The Dot

Saturday, October 1, 2016

Playlist For Show Of 30 September

                                     Microcosm and Macrocosm, Helen Lundeberg, 1937

Commissioner of Selection: Paul Corby

( Brought To You by Whipped Dreams,  Gelato Scopes & The Hammer And Popsicle )

5-7 p.m. Fridays online and at .  

Podcast here

Guests: Nick Fraser, Nick MacLean of Snaggle and Sarah Frank of The Bombadils

Canadians in Asterisk’d RED. 

5:00 Fraser's Edge

*Nick Fraser Quartet ~ Sketch #20 / Interview with Nick Fraser ~ Starer NEW DISK ~ CD Launch @ Burdock Sunday

5:20 ~ Gelcer And Muddy And Wolf ~ Oh My!

*Jimmy Bowskill & Carlos Del Junco ~ Muddy Waters'  Can't Lose (What You Ain't Never Had) ~ Blues Etc.NEW DISK

Taj Mahal ~ Howlin' Wolf's Sitting On Top Of The World ~ An Evening Of Acoustic Music ~ Tribute To Muddy And Wolf @ Hugh's Room Saturday

* Jim Gelcer ~ On A Clear day ~ Melodies Pure & True NEW DISK ~ CD release @ Jazz Bistro Tuesday 4 October 

5:40 Well I'll Be Horn-Snaggled!

* Snaggle ~ Theorum / Interview with Nick MacLean / Track 5 ~ The Long Slog NEW DISK@ The Rex Sunday 9 p.m.

6:00 What A Bombadil World! 

* The Bombadils ~ What Gold Could Never Buy / I'll Remember You Love In My Prayers / Interview with Sarah Frank ~ New Shoes NEW DISK CD launch @ The Cameron House Friday 7 October

6:20 Periscopical Perspicacity

* Tanya Philipovich ~ I Heart Cindy ~ Paper Boats ~ @ The Local Sunday 5:00 -7:00 p.m.

Built To Spill ~ Fling ~ There's Nothing Wrong With Love ~ @ Danforth Music Hall tonight

* Harpacash & The Morals ~ Light Source ~ Lamps NEW DISK

Joe Henry ~ Go With God (Topless Shoeshine) ~ Trampoline ~ @ Danforth Music Hall Wednesday 5 October with Billy Bragg

* Scott Shea ~ Wild ~ Pendulum NEW DISK

6:40 Distance In Miles

Angelite feat. Hun Huur Tu ~ Early Morning With My Horse ~ Hun Huur Tu @ Aga Khan Museum Saturday

* DoVira ~ Maryno ~ DoVira NEW DISK ~ CD Launch @ Burdock 25 November 

Miles Davis (May 26, 1926 – September 28, 1991) ~ Stella By Starlight ~ Live At The Plugged Nickel 23 December 1965

Milton Nascimento ~ De Magia, De Danca e Pes ~ Cacador De Mim