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Corby's Orbit
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Thursday, April 16, 2015

Taylor Knox And The Orbit Opens

Taylor Knox will have his zero gravity guitar with him on the show at 6:00 as he debriefs from recording his new  LINES  E.P. 
and preps for a linear assault on the Horseshoe with his Toronto release show
                                                   next Thursday, April 23
at 10:30pm

Saturday, April 11, 2015

Playlist For Show Of 10 April

Illustration by Olympia Zagnoli In The New York Times

Commissioner of Selection: Paul Corby

( brought to you by Paradigm Gearshifts, Dashboard Evidence & Power Broker Steering )

Guests :  Terra Lightfoot and Meg Tennant & Sadie Atlas

5-7 p.m. online and at .  
Canadians in Asterisk’d RED.

5:00 Auricle Audio & Ventricle Video

Gus Gus ~ Desire ~ Attention ~@ Lee's Palace Tuesday,14 April

* Alex Cuba ~ Ni Forma Ni Colores ~ Healer ~NEW DISK @ The Winter Garden tonight

Karsh Kale ~ Distance (Banco De Gaia Remix) ~ Redesign

Terra Lightfoot ~ See You In The Morning / No Hurry / The Truth / Interview ~ Every Time My Mind Runs Wild NEW DISK Cd Release @ The Dakota Tuesday 14 April & @ The Horseshoe Friday, 24 April 

* Peter Katz ~ When The Day Is Done ~ We Are The Reckoning NEW DISK

5:40 Forever Sneaky Good

 * Ron Hynes ~ Common Man ~ Face To The Gale ~ @ Hugh s Room Wednesday, 15 April
Bob Dylan ~ Make Me Feel Your Love ~ Time Out Of MindTangled Up In Blue Dylan Tribute @ Hugh's Room 
* The Matinee ~ This Town ~ We Swore We'd See The Sunrise @ The Mod Club Wednesday 15 April
* Jesse Winchester ~ A Showman's Life ~ Seems Like Only Yesterday : A Tribute To Jesse Winchester @ Hugh's Room Saturday

Meg Tennant & Sadie Atlas ~ Driving With You / Interview / A Day Of Grace ~ @ Free Times Cafe Friday, 17 April
*Michael Reinhart ~ Bide My Time ~ Echo @ Free Times Cafe Friday, 17 April

6:15 Rockaderos

Jose Gonzalez ~ Step Out ~ "Mitty" Sdtrk. ~ @ The Phoenix Monday
* C&C Surf Factory ~ 911 ~ Garage City NEW DISK
* Taylor Knox ~ That's What You Do  ~ Lines EP

6:30 Heart Peppers

Muddy Waters Born: McKinley Morganfield April 4 1915 ~ Piney Brown Blues ~ Blues & Brass

Billie Holiday (born Eleanora Fagan; April 7, 1915) ~ Now Or Never ~ Lady's Decca Days Vol. 1

Herbie Hancock ~ King Cobra ~ My Point Of View ~@ Massey Hall Tuesday, 14 April with Chick Corea

Miles Davis ~ Shhh (King Britt & Philip Charles Sea4Miles Remix) ~ Panthalassa with a payload of Toronto Music Listings

Marcy Playground ~ Thank You ~ Indaba Remixes From Wonderland

Thursday, April 9, 2015

The Orbital Meg 'n' Terra Episode Forthcoming This Friday

Joyfully hosting Meg Tennant and her daughter, Vancouver songwriter, Sadie Atlas, live, this Friday at 6:00, in advance of Meg's show with Michael Reinhart next week.


a 5:15 chat with

Who celebrates the release of the most excellent new disk
 Every Time My Mind Runs Wild
With Special Guests
The Dinner Belles

Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Analytic Retention - 3,000 Blog Hits in March

Lost planets and off-world colonies are tuning in to Corby's Orbit in record numbers, it seems. After my first browser wowser in 2014 with 2,000 hits last September, it's astonishing to see that my show blog had over 3,000 hits this past month. Maybe it's content, maybe it's style. It's obviously not the brain-damaged word-play. Keep on being curious and I will promise to maintain the musical root-imentary flame-bouyancy. Onward and outward and round we go in deliciously derelict real time rotation. Until such time. Thanks for listening.